Jenna Sawin Rice

Musician & Artist


My debut album ‘Bottle Collection’ is now available for streaming!

Guitar Tattoos

Custom woodburned designs created on guitars, ukuleles other instruments. 

Bean Jewelry

Earrings and other jewelry made from homegrown heirloom beans and corn.


Beautiful and unique images of Vermont’s landscapes, nature and beyond.

About Me

Living in rural vermont, I have never had to look far for insporation. Growing up at the foot of Mount Ascutney, I have been creating since I can remember. Over the years that creativity has taken on many different forms, but it has never faltered. As a small child I wrote poetry, as a young teen I took up photography, in my mid teens, the poetry became song and a few years later I picked up a paintbrush, only to trade it in for woodburning tools. At times my creative energy is expressed through gardening, cooking and traveling. I am sure that my art will continue to evolve as time goes on, but for now I spend my creative time recording new music, taking photographs, creating jewlery from homegrown beans and woodburning. I hope that you will find some joy in these creations that have already brought me so much!