Get Up And Dance
Another day brings another fork in the road

And you just stand there wondering which way to go.

Gone wrong now, too many times to count,

And you can’t help wondering what it’s all about.


Some say there’s a reason, some say that there’s a rhyme,

Others say that we are all just here doing time.

But either way we’re here under the moon tonight,

So we might as well just dance in the moonlight.



Don’t let anyone stand in your way.

If you’ve got a chord just go ahead and play.

Live your wildest dreams while you have the chance

And when the music plays, get up and dance


People change, and nothing stays the same

And you never know when it could all just slip away.

In the blink of an eye, it could all be gone

And the best that you can do is just try to hold on.





These days the torture never seems to end.
I go from drunk to hungover and back to drunk again.
And a long time ago I stopped believing in God,
This life is just a lottery, and I don’t like the odds.
‘Cause if there was any kind of justice at all,
You would still be standing here and I would be gone.

My darling Christine set your table for two,
It won’t be long my love, and I’ll be back with you.

We’re trapped in this life and I don’t know why,
But we’re too scared to leave ‘cause we’re too scared to die.
But I’m not afraid of dying anymore,
There ain’t a god damn thing in this life that I’m still living for.


Well I could work all day and maybe try to care,
I could drive all night and try to get somewhere.
But I don’t think that I want to do this anymore,
Just let me have one more drink and I’ll be at your door.


Small Town Song
Well I grew up in a small town, just a couple of farms,
No traffic lights or cops, just a town hall and a bar.

If you tell a secret at sunrise everyone will know by noon
If you ain’t got none to tell they just make one up about you.

Well I heard John stole someone’s car when he got drunk last night,
And Peggy Sue and Mary Lou, they got in a fight.

Paul stayed home from work today, he said he had the flu,
So why did I see him tonight at the bar with Mary Lou?


I heard last night I slept with Joe, but that just can’t be true,
‘Cause I also heard last night I slept with everyone else too.

But let me set the record straight, I’ll tell you the truth,
All I really did last night was binge watch family feud.


Our hearts are in the right place, at least that’s what I’d say.
Brains are nowhere to be found, they done gone run away.

Maybe it’s caused by the weather, maybe it’s the food,
Maybe we just are this way and there’s nothing we can do.

Chorus 3x

Best Left Broken
Why do I keep coming around
Despite everything, still trying to make you proud?
Maybe I don’t remember right,
A well-lit picture makes the darkest times look bright.

Well maybe someday you will get better
The damage is done, everything is broken
So maybe you’ll get it together
But I can’t be part of together again.

Well I’ve been down this road before.
A year’s gone by but my scars are still open.
They say time can heal anything,
But some things are best left broken.

Someone To Need Me
Through the window of your eyes I can see your fear,
Will tears wash them clean again until the view is clear?
I wish you wouldn’t draw the blinds,
Like you’ve done for years to keep the word outside.

But you’re only here ‘cause you have nobody,
And I just need someone to need me.

Imagining your uncried tears washed over by your warmth,
I wish I could undo the damage hard time has worn.
I wish I could fill the hole,
That inside you continues to grow.


My head against your armored chest I still can feel your heart,
My skin pressed against your skin, feeling every scar.
If only I could take away your pain,
If only I thought you would let me stay.


Bottle Collection
Johnny left this morning to fight overseas,
I knew I’d never see him again
Even if someday he made it back to me,
He’d left pieces of his broken heart in Afghanistan

He’s gone, never coming back again.
Gone; if he makes it back it’s only half of him.

Johnny came back to me today
Wanted so bad to be okay
But every night he’d sit down and drain that bottle
Fill it back up with his sorrows.
Put a cork in it and bottle it away.
Every dime he had he’d use to pay
To add one more bottle to his collection
Every time he swore it would be the last one.


Johnny tried so hard to get himself on track
Twelve steps forward, but then one step back.
Nothing lasts forever when it’s being torn apart
For Johnny there was no cure for his broken heart.


Finally came the sad day he could no longer outrun
He left the bank his house and us his bottle collection.

Chorus 2x

Love Is Not Enough
He’d do what it took just to feel his heart pound
The fall felt like flying, until he hit the ground.
And freedom was never as free as he’d thought
But he still pays up cause it’s all that he’s got

OOOhOooh Sometimes love just is not enough.

I know they say all is fair in love and war,
But is it all still fair if he don’t love her anymore?
He’s searching for something that he lost long ago,
Or maybe he just needs someone to hold.

OOOhOooh Sometimes love just is not enough
OOOhOooh Sometimes love just is not enough

He’s tied to the mast with the ship sinking fast.
The man who ran first is coming in last.
And time slips by, but I’ve learned not to cry
‘Cause we’re on separate ships that just passed in the night

OOOhOooh Sometimes love just is not enough
OOOhOooh Sometimes love just is not enough
Sometimes love just is not enough

Little Did I Know
I was eight ears old
Thought that you were perfect, little did I know
I watched your every move,
Told myself when I grew I’d be just like you

Well everything that’s given can be taken away.
Everything that goes up can fall down.
I guess that the time has come, there’s nothing left to say.
Guess I shouldn’t wait around.
Just know that every night I cry myself to sleep
Cry myself a broken lullaby.
Anything worth having ain’t so easy to keep
Still I keep on asking why.

I turned fifteen
Everything you told me I happily I believed
I built you up so tall
Trusted you so much that I thought you’d never fall

Chorus 2x

I’m eighteen now,
Just ten short years later but it’s all come tumbling down.

Staring Back
How many people will walk away,
Before you understand why they never stay?
The truth can’t compete with the story that you weave,
‘Cause it might take away the air you need to breathe.
Now you’re trapped in the web that you wove,
Tied up by the lines you wrote long ago.
Can’t you see the damage that you’ve done?
The twenty long years of hit and runs.

They say that you’re not gonna change
Until you can’t find anyone else to blame.
But someday you’ll drink to the bottom of your glass
And all you’ll see is your reflection staring back.

Some of us cry as we watch it all burn down,
Some of us deny, and some of us leave town.
Everything has changed except for you,
Isn’t there somewhere a whispering of truth?


I lay awake and listen to the rain
And wonder if somewhere you’re doing the same.
And maybe the day that you wake up and see,
Will also be the day I can finally get to sleep.